Did Victor Hugo have a family?

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Did Victor Hugo have a family?

Did Victor Hugo have a family?

Early Life Victor-Marie Hugo was born in Besançon, France, on Febru, to mother Sophie Trébuche and father Joseph-Léopold-Sigisbert Hugo. His father was a military officer who later served as a general under Napoleon.

Did Victor Hugo have siblings?

Eugène Hugo
Abel Joseph Hugo
Victor Hugo/Frères et sœurs
Victor Hugo was the son of Joseph Léopold Sigisbert Hugo (1773–1828) and Sophie Trébuchet (1772-1821). He had two older brothers called Abel Joseph Hugo (1798–1855) and Eugène Hugo (1800–1837).

Did Victor Hugo have a daughter?

Léopoldine Hugo
Adèle Hugo
Victor Hugo/Filles

Who was Victor Hugo’s father?

Joseph Leopold Sigisbert Hugo
Victor Hugo/Pères
Victor was the third son of Joseph-Léopold-Sigisbert Hugo, a major and, later, general in Napoleon’s army. His childhood was coloured by his father’s constant traveling with the imperial army and by the disagreements that soon alienated his parents from one another.

Who was Victor Hugo’s mother?

Sophie Trébuchet
Victor Hugo/Mères

Did Victor Hugo have grandchildren?

Jeanne Hugovia Charles Hugo
Georges-Victor Hugovia Charles Hugo
Victor Hugo/Petits-enfants

What happened to Victor Hugo’s daughter Leopoldine?

She was 19 years old and pregnant and she died when her wet, heavy skirts pulled her down, and her husband died trying to save her.

What happened to léopoldine Hugo?

Léopoldine died a most tragic death, aged just 19. From Wikipedia: She married Charles Vacquerie at Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis on 15 February 1843 but they both drowned together only a few months later, when their boat capsized on the Seine in Villequier on 4 September 1843.

Where was Victor Hugo born?

Besançon, France
Victor Hugo/Lieu de naissance
Victor Hugo, in full Victor-Marie Hugo, (born Febru, Besançon, France—died , Paris), poet, novelist, and dramatist who was the most important of the French Romantic writers.

Who was Victor Hugo Halston?

Victor Hugo was a Venezuelan-born artist and window dresser, who was involved in a tumultuous relationship with American designer Halston. He also spent time creating displays and taking part in works for Andy Warhol’s Factory. Ia name was believed to be an assumed one, and a pun on his « Huge-O » sexual anatomy.

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