Where is Massinissa?

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Where is Massinissa?

Where is Massinissa?

Massinissa (c. 241-148): king of the Massylians in Numidia (202-148). When Massinissa was born, Numidia (more or less the north of modern Algeria) was a country on the edge of the urbanized world of the Mediterranean.

Was numidia part of Carthage?


Kingdom of Numidia Inumiden
Established 202 BC
Annexed by the Roman Republic 40 BC
Preceded by Succeeded by Ancient Carthage Massylii Masaesyli Numidia (Roman province) Mauretania
Today part of Algeria, the western part of Tunisia

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Was numidia an ally of Rome?

238 bc—died 148 bc), ruler of the North African kingdom of Numidia and an ally of Rome in the last years of the Second Punic War (218–201).

Who wrote Sophonisba?

The Wonder of Women

The Wonder of Women, or The Tragedy of Sophonisba
Written by John Marston
Characters Sophonisba, Syphax, Massinissa, Scipio
Date premiered c. 1606
Place premiered Blackfriar’s Theatre

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What happened to the numidians?

The pro-Numidians were eventually exiled. Upon exile, they went to Masinissa for help. Masinissa sent two sons to ask for the pro-Numidians to be let back in.

Where does the name Sophonisba come from?

Sophonisba Origin and Meaning The name Sophonisba is a girl’s name meaning « sheltered by Ba’al ». The original Sophonisba was a Carthaginian noblewoman who was alive at the time of the Second Punic War, who became a legend for drinking lethal poison rather than be humiliated by Carthage’s Roman conquerors.

Who killed masinissa?

After the defeat of Syphax, Masinissa married Syphax’s wife Sophonisba, but Scipio, suspicious of her loyalty, demanded that she be taken to Rome and appear in the triumphal parade. To save her from such humiliation, Masinissa sent her poison, with which she killed herself.

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