Where is Aja Volkman from?

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Where is Aja Volkman from?

Where is Aja Volkman from?

Eugene, Oregon, États-Unis
Aja Volkman/Lieu de naissance

How old is AJAK?

41 ans ()
Aja Volkman/Âge

When did Dan Reynolds meet his wife?

Aja Volkman married Dan Reynolds on 5th March 2011. She met her husband about a year earlier (in 2010) when his band, Imagine Dragons opened for hers, Nico Vega at a music concert in Las Vegas. Reynolds had asked her after the event to help him develop some demos he had at hand then.

How did Dan Reynolds meet Aja?

In 2010, Aja met her husband when Imagine Dragons opened for her band in Las Vegas at Wasted Space. Although Imagine Dragons started out opening for Nico Vega, Aja, and her band ended up opening for Imagine Dragons. Reynolds invited her to work on some demos with him.

Why did Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman split up?

We ditched the lawyers and went to lunch.” He said their reunion “felt like the first date again,” and the pair decided to call off their split after realizing that there was still so much love between them. Reynolds penned one of his band’s latest tracks, “Follow You,” not long after receiving Volkman’s text.

Who is Alisha Reynolds Imagine Dragons?

As Reynolds previously revealed, “Wrecked” was inspired by the singer’s late sister-in-law Alisha Durtschi Reynolds, who died following a cancer battle; a tribute to Alisha is shown at the end of the Matt Eastin-directed video. “She was the brightest light. A beacon of joy and strength for everyone she met.

Is Dan Reynolds depression?

Reynolds struggled with depression and mental health challenges from the time he was a kid, but he didn’t really know what it was until he was older.

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