What is the story behind the song Closing Time?

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What is the story behind the song Closing Time?

What is the story behind the song Closing Time?

It’s partially inspired by the birth of his daughter, Coco. “The guys wanted a new song to close our sets with,” Wilson says. “I thought ‘Closing Time’ would be a good title. We had spent seven years of our lives at that point, four nights a week entertaining people.

Who originally sang Closing Time?

Dan Wilson
Closing Time (Semisonic song)

“Closing Time”
Songwriter(s) Dan Wilson
Producer(s) Nick Launay
Semisonic singles chronology
“F.N.T.” (1996) “Closing Time” (1998) “Singing in My Sleep” (1998)

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Why did Semisonic break up?

Semisonic broke up in the early 2000s in part, Wilson says, because he needed to be home more to help take care of his oldest daughter, Coco, who was born prematurely and had special needs. To earn a living and continue his career in music, he became a writer-for-hire, as well as an occasional solo artist.

Where is Semisonic?

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Semisonic is an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1995. The band has three members: Dan Wilson (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), John Munson (bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, guitar), and Jacob Slichter (drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals).

Who Covered closing time?


Title Performer Release date
Closing Time Scary Pockets feat. Laura Mace Decem
Closing Time Straight No Chaser Novem
Closing Time Karizma Duo Ma
Closing Time Greg Gould, Danni Da Ros, Jordan Raskopoulos, Mary Kiani Ap

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When did closing time come out?

Closing Time/Date de sortie
Semisonic – Closing Time The song “Closing Time” by the American rock band Semisonic came out in March 1998. It hit #1 on the Alternative charts, and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Song.

Is Semisonic a one-hit wonder?

Wow. When you think about it, it’s probably not a great omen that everyone’s graduation song was a one-hit wonder, but alas. Semisonic didn’t give us any other popular music after “Closing Time,” so that’s just the way it is!

Is Dan Wilson still married?

Wilson is married to Diane Espaldon. Wilson and his wife were contemporaries at Harvard University, where he studied visual arts and she studied government.

Who wrote Closing Time lyrics?

Dan Wilson
Closing Time/Paroliers

What is the meaning of closing time?

  • closing time. noun. : the time when businesses (such as banks and bars) close for the day.

What is the meaning of the song 'Closing Time'?

  • “Closing Time”, a song by rock group Semisonic, lyrically is about encouraging patrons to vacate a bar as it is about to end its operations for the night. The literal meaning of this song revolves around bar patrons being advised its ‘closing time’ and acting accordingly, but the more-profound interpretation is based around, as Dan Wilson puts it, “being born and coming into the world”.

What is closure time?

  • Closure time assays. This test measures the time required for the platelets in a sample of blood to plug a small hole in a tiny tube after being exposed to various activating substances. This is called the closure time. Prolonged closure times indicate lower platelet function but do not identify the cause.

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