What is Max Havelaar trying to do?

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What is Max Havelaar trying to do?

What is Max Havelaar trying to do?

About Max Havelaar Max Havelaar—a Dutch civil servant in Java—burns with an insatiable desire to end the ill treatment and oppression inflicted on the native peoples by the colonial administration.

What did Max Havelaar achieve?

most important work, the novel Max Havelaar (1860). Partly autobiographical, it concerns the vain efforts of an enlightened official in Indonesia to expose the Dutch exploitation of the natives. The frame structure of the novel enabled him both to plead for justice in Java and to satirize unsparingly the Dutch…

Who wrote the Max Havelaar?

Max Havelaar/Auteurs

When was Max Havelaar written?

Max Havelaar/Date de rédaction

What is Max Havelaar?

  • Max Havelaar (1976) An idealistic Dutch colonial officer posted to Indonesia in the 19th century is cohvinced that he can make the kinds of changes that will actually help the local people he is in charge of, …

When was Max Havelaar allowed to be shown in Indonesia?

  • The film Max Havelaar was not allowed to be shown in Indonesia until 1987. The edition history of the book « Max Havelaar » began in the 1860s with a publication titled « Max Havelaar, of De koffi-veilingen der Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappy ».

What is the opening line of Java by Max Havelaar?

  • In the novel, the protagonist, Max Havelaar, tries to battle against a corrupt government system in Java, which was then a Dutch colony. The novel is also famous for its opening line: « Ik ben makelaar in koffie, en woon op de Lauriergracht, Nº 37. » (« I am a coffee broker, and live on the Lauriergracht, Nº 37. »).

Why did Multatuli write Max Havelaar?

  • Multatuli wrote Max Havelaar in protest against these colonial policies, but another goal was to seek rehabilitation for his resignation from governmental service.

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