What does Depeche Mode mean in French?

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What does Depeche Mode mean in French?

What does Depeche Mode mean in French?

When explaining the choice for the new name, taken from French fashion magazine Dépêche Mode, Gore said, « It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch. I like the sound of that. »

Is Depeche Mode touring in 2021?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Depeche Mode scheduled in 2021.

Did Depeche Mode change their name?

Initially, Clarke handled vocal chores, but in 1980 singer David Gahan was brought in to complete the lineup. After one final name change to Depeche Mode, the quartet jettisoned all instruments excluding their synthesizers, honing a slick, techno-based sound to showcase Clarke’s catchy melodies.

How can I meet Depeche Mode?

You’ve always wanted to meet Depeche Mode. Now it may be possible. With we are able to offer Depeche Mode meet and greets to some shows so you can fulfill your lifelong dream of meeting Depeche Mode. Many Depeche Mode meet and greet tickets may allow you to take a photo with your idol.

What is the meaning of Duran Duran?

John Taylor and Nick Rhodes formed Duran Duran in 1978, where they became the resident band at Birmingham’s Rum Runner nightclub. There were many other nearby nightclubs, with the most significant one being Barbarella’s. They decided to name the band after a character from the sci-fi movie Barbarella.

How old is Dave Gahan?

59 years ()
Dave Gahan/Âge

Is the band Depeche Mode still together?

However, despite all their success, it’s remarkable Depeche Mode is still a band and that all of its members are all still alive. The group has suffered quite a few setbacks and tragedies on their path to super stardom, and here’s the shocking, harrowing, sad, and dangerous story of Depeche Mode.

How did Depeche Mode get their name?

  • So Depeche Mode means Fashion News or Fashion Update. The confusion arises from someone remembering their high school French: the verb ‘se depecher’ means to hurry, which is probably where the ‘fast’ originates. So, Depeche Mode is named after the magazine and that name roughly translates as Fashion News.

What does the name Depeche Mode mean?

  • « Depeche mode » means « fashion news » in French. Martin saw the title in a magazine during his visit to France and liked the sound. By itself, « depeche » means « fast, quick » and also a short message, like a telegram.

What kind of genre is Depeche Mode?

  • Artistry. Depeche Mode’s music has mainly been described as synth-pop, new wave, electronic rock, dance-rock alternative rock, arena rock and pop rock. The band also experimented with various other genres throughout its career, including avant-garde, electronica, pop, soul, techno, industrial rock and heavy metal.

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