What does BN stand for biscuit?

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What does BN stand for biscuit?

What does BN stand for biscuit?

Biscuiterie Nantaise
The BN Biscuit (or Biscuiterie Nantaise) is a French brand of biscuit, consisting of a filling, such as chocolate, sandwiched between two biscuits. It was launched in 1932, acquired by United Biscuits in 1998, and relaunched in September 2000. They are manufactured at the United Biscuits site in Scunthorpe, England.

Where are BN biscuits sold?

Despite being a cult favourite among biscuit lovers, the French snacks are hard to get hold of in the UK. They’ve previously been sold in the UK at Tesco but they’re currently listed as “out of stock” online, and we couldn’t find them being sold at any other major retailer.

Are BN biscuits vegan?

Suitable for Vegetarians. May Contain: Eggs, Nuts, Soya, Sesame.

What biscuits are in Family Circle?

McVitie’s Family Circle is jam-packed full of classics with ten different biscuit varieties to enjoy with all the family. Favourites include: Rich Highland Shortie, Crunchy Oat, Shortcake, Custard Creams, Bourbon Creams, Nice, Milk Chocolate Digestives, Milk Chocolate Finger, Jam Sandwich Creams, and Choc Chip Cookie.

How many biscuits Choco Leibniz?

It’s a classic, framed with 46 perfectly formed ‘teeth’. A proud family business since 1889, Bahlsen knows a thing or two about what it takes to create a brilliant biscuit. Each signature biscuit of the Choco Leibniz Milk is carefully settled into smooth milk chocolate, creating the perfect edges for nibbling.

What are pink wafers?

Pink Wafers: Vanilla-flavoured cream sandwiched between crispy, crumbly, cloud-like wafers. They’re so light and airy, you don’t feel as guilty when shovelling a few of them into your mouth.

Are hobnobs dairy free?

6. Hobnobs. First launched by McVities in 1985, Hobnobs are made from rolled oats, making them naturally vegan. … McVities recently removed the milk from its Digestives recipe.

Is Mcvities Family Circle vegetarian?

Suitable for Vegetarians. May Contain: Eggs, Sesame. May also contain Sesame Seeds, Egg. …

Which Mcvities biscuits are vegan?

Good news — the original digestives are indeed vegan, so your dunking can continue with the nation’s best-love biscuit. While Mcvities also sell dark chocolate digestives, these aren’t vegan because they contain butter oil which is likely for preventing chocolate bloom rather than for taste.

Where is Choco Leibniz from?

The Leibniz-Keks or Choco Leibniz is a German brand of biscuit or cookie produced by the Bahlsen food company since 1891. It was created by the firm as a rival to a similar French biscuit, the Petit-Beurre.

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