What are the benefits of Flying Blue?

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What are the benefits of Flying Blue?

What are the benefits of Flying Blue?

The benefits of being a Flying Blue Gold member:

  • Choose your standard seat free of charge while booking or get 50% off other seats.
  • Bring 1 extra piece of checked baggage on all flights with KLM or one of our partner airlines.
  • Get access to our lounges and bring 1 guest with you.

What airlines are part of Flying Blue?

Flying Blue is the loyalty program for Air France, KLM, and 5 smaller regional airlines which include Aircalin, HOP!, Kenya Airways, TAROM, and Transavia. Air France is an international French airline and flag carrier of France, while KLM is the flag carrier of the Netherlands.

What can you do with Flying Blue Miles?

You can use your Miles to turn your dream trip into a reality. Use Miles to pay for your ticket and extras on board your flight. You can also use them with our non-airline partners (like hotel or car rental partners), donate them to a charity or start-up, and much more!

How do I get to Flying Blue Silver?

You earn Flying Blue elite status by earning XP (experience points) and there are three levels: Silver (100 XP), Gold (180 XP) and Platinum (300 XP).

Is Flying Blue membership free?

You can earn Miles and use them to get what you want; you can gain XP (Experience Points) and advance to the next level for more generous perks; and you can always earn more Miles! Flying Blue, it’s free! Already a member?

How do I get gold flying blue?

If you gain 180 XP during these 12 months, you’ll move up to Gold. In this case, we’ll subtract the 180 XP from your XP counter and you’ll keep the rest. You’ll get to enjoy this new status for 15 months.

Is Flying Blue part of Delta?

Booking partner flights via Flying Blue. Flying Blue is often the best program to book award flights on either Delta or Virgin Atlantic. Air France, Delta, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic are part of a transatlantic joint venture, but award pricing between the programs can vary considerably.

Who owns Flying Blue?

Founded in 1919, KLM is the oldest operating airline in the world, and has 35,488 employees with a fleet of 149 (excluding subsidiaries) as of 2021. KLM operates scheduled passenger and cargo services to 145 destinations….KLM.

Frequent-flyer program Flying Blue
Alliance SkyTeam SkyTeam Cargo

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Can I transfer KLM to Delta?

You can’t transfer miles to Delta from other partner airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Air France or KLM. But you can use bank points and hotel points to boost your stash of Delta SkyMiles. Here’s how.

Can I use Flying Blue miles for someone else?

Can I book a reward ticket for someone else? expand_more. You can use your Miles to book a flight for anyone you like, whether or not they are a Flying Blue member, and even if you’re not flying with them. Just make sure you enter all their details according to the information in their passport.

How does Flying Blue work?

  • Flying Blue is the AIR FRANCE KLM loyalty programme. Are you wondering how Flying Blue works? You can earn Miles and use them to get what you want; you can gain XP (Experience Points) and advance to the next level for more generous perks; and you can always earn more Miles!

How do I Change My Name on my Flying Blue account?

  • Log in to your Flying Blue account. If you’d like to modify your name, title, date of birth, or e-mail address, be it to correct an error or change your status, simply send a message to Flying Blue customer service. Please log into the Flying Blue website and use the contact form (located in the FAQs & Contact us section).

How do I earn Flying Blue miles on Air France?

  • You’ve purchased an Air France ticket for €1,000. Let’s imagine that you’re an Explorer: you earn 4 Miles for each Euro spent, or 4 x €700 = 2,800 Miles. Provide your Flying Blue number during booking and the Miles will automatically be added to your Miles & XP counter, 24 hours after your flight.

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