Quelle radio existe T-IL ?

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Quelle radio existe T-IL ?

Quelle radio existe T-IL ?

5 stations à diffusion nationale : France Inter, France Musique, France Culture, Franceinfo et France Bleu (France Bleu est diffusée en complément des programmes locaux spécifiques à chacune des stations décentralisées de Radio France).

How do I listen to radio on my computer?

  • Navigate to the CBC Radio website to listen to the radio on your PC. CBC is a Canadian-based radio station that offers both real-time and archived broadcasts. With CBC you can listen to the radio on your PC by program name and to online music channels. You also have the ability to listen live.

Do you still listen to the radio?

  • In America, 92% of the population still listens to radio every week, approximately 272 million people. This is ahead of the 87% that consume television on a weekly basis and far beyond the 22% who listen to podcasts weekly. Across all demographics, Nielsen demonstrates that radio is still the most popular form of media in America.

How do I listen to live radio stations?

  • You usually have to navigate through some advertising on commercial radio in order to listen live. Some stations force you to watch a short 10- or 15-second commercial before you can connect. Others show commercials continually on the screen while you listen.

How to get radio on computer?

  • Find the Radio Stations Website.
  • Start Streaming. Now hopefully you can find a LISTEN LIVE button somewhere in the site. Now click it. …
  • Find the Streaming Website. The streaming has to has a separate site to stream and we’ll find it. …
  • Changing the Icon Part 1. Now I used the icons below (BLACK ONE) but you can chose your own. …
  • Chaning the Icon Part 2. WEB DOCUMENT tab and the change icon to wherever you save your .ico file to.
  • Finished. If you want any other colors for the icon,a different icon,or any help e-mail me at [email protected]

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