Pourquoi devenir obstétricien ?

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Pourquoi devenir obstétricien ?

Pourquoi devenir obstétricien ?

Le gynécologue peut également aider des couples lorsque l’un des partenaires a des problèmes de fertilité, ou en cas de grossesse non désirée. Le gynécologue obstétricien prend en charge les grossesses et les accouchements des grossesses à risque. Il est alors secondé dans ses tâches quotidiennes par la sage-femme.

What are the duties of an obstetrician?

  • Obstetricians deliver babies and perform other birth-related duties as needed, such as inducing labor, performing Cesarean section births and performing emergency surgery when needed. The doctor monitors the mother and the baby throughout childbirth, and oversees the administration of medications.

What are some reasons to become an obstetrician?

  • Reasons to Be an Obstetrician Flexibility. The American Medical Association points out that the obstetrics-gynecology specialty offers its practitioners flexibility. Variety. Obstetrics offers physicians a wide variety of experiences. … Patient Rapport. Obstetricians take part in the life-changing moments of their patients and patients’ families. … More Equitable Pay. …

How do you become an obstetrician?

  • In summary, aspiring obstetricians must earn a bachelor’s degree, attend medical school, obtain medical licensure, participate in a residency, become board certified, and continue education.

Why to become an obstetrician?

  • Women’s Health. Obstetrics is the ideal medical field if you have a specific interest in helping women. …
  • General Patient Care. If they choose,obstetricians can enjoy close contact with their patients over the years as providers of primary health care.
  • Positive Outcomes. …
  • Board Certification. …
  • High Salary. …

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